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Branding, Video

When trying to establish a brand that connected to people, there were certain challenges that needed to be tackled. For one, how does a real estate brokerage become the social media page you want to follow. The company’s focus is not to sell houses, it’s to sell agents. They wished to become the authority in the area, while the agents themselves worked on advertising their own homes. That was the first challenge: How to sell a real estate company, without advertising homes.

The easiest way to do was to do it through advertising a different kind of product: the people. Doing research and watching how other companies interacted with their customers online, I saw the high degree of involvement that they placed on building a relationship.  But without a massive following to take advantage of, we needed to find a sure way to get them engaged, and keep them engaged–that is where comedy came in.

Through a series of short comedic videos, we were able to reignite interest in our brand–not only from new followers, but especially from old followers who no longer took our media for granted. What was even more valuable, is that our own agents began to get more involved and chose to spread the word on their own accord.

Below are some examples of these videos. Whatever you see reflected on screen, I was responsible for in its entirety.

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